SeaView celebrates 14th anniversary with less fortunate children


Tvm: SeaView Support Systems, an ITeS company operating out of Technopark celebrated its 14th anniversary on September 11, 2010 in a special manner with the inmates of WILLS Boarding Home in Trivandrum. SeaView invited about 55 children, studying in classes 1 -10 and the staff members of the boarding home to their premises in Technopark.

The students spent half a day in SeaView premises with the employees by indulging in games and fun activities. After the students were welcomed with light refreshments, the function started with a prayer and self-introduction by each of the inmates. This was followed by musical chair, antakshari and passing the parcel game in which the SeaView employees also participated with enthusiasm. Much to the amusement of the all assembled, the boarding home inmates and SeaView employees presented songs, skit and dance programmes.
SeaView members gave away gifts and presents to all students present and prizes to winners in the various events. The students and employees were then treated to a grand lunch. They were also taken on a tour of the sprawling Technopark premises by the SeaView employees before heading back to their boarding home. 

All in all it was a day well spent with the students and employees enjoying themselves thoroughly. The event was organised by SeaView in association with REACH, the Social Welfare Committee of SeaView which has been actively into various social activities in Trivandrum city since its inception in March 2010. The Wills Boarding Home near LMS Junction in Trivandrum functions under the patronage of the Church of South India (CSI).

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