Online Birth Certificate valid for School admissions


Tvm: The Kerala Government has amended the Kerala Education Rules to make the computer printout of Birth Certificate a valid document for school admissions. This follows the completion of the computerisation of the issuance of birth certificates by the local bodies and also the launch of getting Birth Certificates online.

The facility of getting Birth Certificates online was launched on August 05, 2010. The Civil Registrations website of Local Self Government Department provides details of all births electronically registered in Local Governments bodies (Corporation, Municipality or Grama Panchayat) where the Sevana application software of Information Kerala Mission (IKM) is being used since 2003 for registering these events. Since the database is available online, one needs to just download the certificate from the website and take a printout. This also makes immediate verification of the details possible for the authorities.

The facility for getting Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates online is a flagship e-governance project of the Kerala Government. In the next phase, all records will be digitised from 1970, the year from which the Registration of Births & Deaths was made compulsory. These will be digitised and ported in the electronic register after verification by the officials. The Sevana software is designed and developed by Information Kerala Mission (IKM) under the Local Self Government Department.

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