Trivandrum startup Biotz creates affordable 3D Printer


Trivandrum: Biotz Intelligent Technologies, a city-based technology startup has created a revolutionary 3D printer called ‘Makifyr’. The startup claims the device to be the first of its kind to be developed and launched in India, which can be used to create three dimensional objects by using three dimensional computer generated designs and that too at a very affordable cost.

3D Printers are yet to make inroads into India as the technology is still being developed and Makifyr tries to bridge this gap. The working of this device is similar to that of a normal printer; the difference is that while the normal printer prints a design /image /text on a two dimensional interface (or paper), the Makifyr actually ‘creates’ a physical object in three dimensions. The device uses custom software to process the three dimensional stereo lithographic (STL) design, which in turn sends instructions to the printer. The printer employs a heated nozzle that spews layers of liquid thermoplastic that join together and solidify to form the three dimensional object. The resulting three dimensional object is precise and matches the design in dimensions. The finished product, which uses thermoplastics like Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Polycarbonate, is also of high quality.

In a release, Paul Anand, CEO of Biotz said, “A device like Makifyr is of great use for almost everyone from product designers to even college students. Makifyr helps designers to create objects of any shape, size or dimension. The specifications of objects created using the Makifyr are limited only by the creativity of the designer and the specifications of the design”.

Makifyr finds a wide gamut of applications across various industries. Its main use is in healthcare, especially in prosthetics. When adopted widely in the medical industry, this technology could significantly bring down costs of healthcare. It is also useful in the automobile industry, design, and the aerospace industry, to name a few.

“The cost of production of an individual ‘Makifyr’ comes to only around INR 100,000. The cost would go down even further when the device is mass produced, thus making Makifyr one of the world’s affordable three dimensional printers”, he added.

Akhil S Nair, Technology Architect and Vigil M Unnithan, Research Engineer, are the other key members of Biotz.

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