The Week That Was (Jun 28 – Jul 4)


One of the programmes that inspired me to take up journalism was NDTV’s The World This Week on Doordarshan. Well, you didn’t any choices those days and this being the first privately produced news programme on Indian TV opened new vistas for kids of our age. Let me not go much into history and come to the present.  On this blog of Kerala IT News, we would like to present our version of the TWTW – The Week That Was, of course, with a prespective of IT in Kerala.

The major highlight of the last week was the Kerala Microsoft Users Group (K-MUG) Developer Conference DevCon 2010 that was held in Technopark, Trivandrum. Although what was planned to be a two-day event had to be curtailed to a single day event, thanks to the nationwide bandh, the sessions were good and informative. The community launch of latest edition of MS Office also took place during the event.

Another event was the Adobe CS5 Roadshow, also in Trivandrum.

The launch of a Toll Free Cyber Crime helpline number by Thrissur based Avanzo Trust was another event worth mentioning.

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