How to apply for a Ration Card online


We had tremendous response to the news item on Kerala IT News about the launch of the online system of submitting Ration Card applications in Kerala and many of our readers had sent us queries on how to apply for the Ration Card online. We met with the officials at NIC and prepared this tutorial. Now that the system has been rolled out across Kerala, we hope you will find this useful.

Starting off:

1. If applying online from home, scan the documents and save as PDF. Please note that each file size should be less than 250 KB. This step can be avoided if applying online through an Akshaya Service Centre.
2. Go to the Civil Supplies Department website
3. Under Services caption on the right side, click on ‘Citizen Login’
4. A new window will open where you can log in using your User ID and Password

How to get your User ID and Password:

1. First time users should click on ‘Register Now’
2. If you already have a ration card, click ‘Yes’ and enter the barcode number from the last page of the ration card
3. If you don’t have a ration card click ‘No’ and fill in the ‘User Details’
4. An activation link will be displayed. Click on the button ‘Activate Account’

Procedure to apply for a Ration Cards or other service:

Assuming you have logged in, what next?
1. If you don’t have a ration card, you will see the following three options
# New Ration Card
# Non – Inclusion Certificate
# Non – Renewal Certificate
2. If you have a ration card already, you will see 13 options for various services
3. Select the desired option
4. Fill up the form with valid details
5. For a new Ration Card, select the link ‘New Application’
6. Upload the scanned copies (pdf) of the required documents
7. Submit the details after verifying carefully.
8. Take the print out of the application for further procedures. Note down the application serial number and the applied date for reference.

For a new Ration Card, the date for taking the photo of the Head of the family or the applicant will be initimated by the concerned Taluk Supply Office.

While visiting the Taluk Supply Office, the Head of the family or the Applicant should submit this print-out of the application and present the originals of the records submitter earlier through online for verification. Make the remittance of the application fee and the Ration Card price.

If the application is submitted successfully, following details will be displayed on screen.
# Status of the application
# The reasons, if it is rejected
# The details regarding the required fees

Steps for Entering Details in Malayalam:

1. Click on the text boxes where you need to enter details in Malayalam.
2. A Malayalam layout keyboard will be displayed.
3. Press the desired letters and click ‘OK’.


If you fail to log-in three times consecutively, you should wait for 30 minutes before attempting again

For applying online through an Akshaya Service Centre (e-Kendra):

1. Take all the valid documents to the Akshaya Customer Service Centre
2. The CSC person will take a digital photo of the applicant and verify the documents
3. Existing Ration Cards, if any, should also be submitted along with the application
4. Pay the fees including the Akshaya service charges



  1. i am no living in a my own home. but in my mother’s another home. i am plane to take ration card for here for my family. i am the member of ration card before but my wife not have. i want cut my name only(not need other members) from the old raion card and create a new one with my wife and kid. what documents need for the dis purpose.

    1. wife dont have rationcard member before
    2. iam living in my mom’s home but she is not

  2. Documents required to apply for a new ration card

    1. Completed form (Print out of the form if applied online)
    2. Agreement letter from the current owner of the ration card (if already included in a ration card of the same Taluk)
    3. Reduction certificate (if already included in a ration card of a different Taluk)
    4. Copy of the ration card(s) if included in another card
    5. Residential certificate
    6. Birth certificate (for kids who needs to be included) / Letter from MLA (?) etc for elders
    7. Presenting the documents yourself may help (though you will have to stand in a big queue for several hours sweating….. ). Moreover the forms will be accepted only on Wednesdays… be there in the queue as early as possible….
    8. Also keep the ration shop number where you would like to have the card associated with…

    Hope this helps (I have applied for a card last month….and the process was good, except for the long queue in the sun…..)

  3. prakash kumar on

    I got marry in 2008 wife from Pathanamthitta (Ranni) Am from Trivandrum so I have to apply for new ration card for my family. so my old card ard no 247 ambalathara. and my wife …. So how can i make new card …pls give me your opinion….