Are we really ready for a condom shop in Technopark?


“Before it is too late, that is, before the condom shop is set up in Technopark, I would like to register my strong protest against the move. A society in which behavioural proscriptions on girls /women are still very high and their mobility at night is not very safe, what does this burst of ‘modernity’ imply?”, writes Dr. Mridul Eapen, Member, Kerala State Planning Board in the New Indian Express. Read More


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  1. sreekanth P krishnan on

    I too support ms mridu eapen.Though promoting condoms is ann excellent idea to prevent many ways and ,but technopark doesnt have any relevance in this at all, people come for work and leave immediately after that,but providing condoms in the campus spreads wrong messages among yoth and it is not adviced.Pl avoid,instead provide else where where they stay.