Parking problems plague Technopark Trivandrum


Trivandrum: Technopark, the biggest IT park in Kerala is facing parking problems. One has to be really lucky to get some space to park your car during office hours. While there is a severe shortage of space, those who park outside the designated parking space often have a tough time. This photo was contributed by one of our readers from Technopark. See how the rear wheels have been jammed for parking the car opposite the Park Centre.

Kerala IT News



  1. I am the unlucky Chap who owns this car. The Parking board which was not there in the morning appeared by noon just beside my car. Those useless fellows asked me Rs 100 for wrong side parking and had to wait 30 mins to get it unlocked.

  2. Hey Kiran, that’s outrageous. Moreover, how can they ask for a fine? They are not Traffice Police. It’s illegal to collect such fine. File an RTI with Technopark. I am sure you can ask for a refund.

  3. Real Cheat from technopark security. Today also I cannot find a “No parking” sign board there. They have a movable sign board and they put these board near vehicles of there choice. Even Kerala police won’t do such stupidity.

  4. It is clear that you are actually parking on the roundabout. It is common sense that it is not a parking spot. No sign is needed to explain that. In most other places, this should result in a hefty parking fine. Pay the fine and move on with life. You should be glad it is only Rs 100. Which i think is ridiculous.

    I understand that there isnt enough parking space in technopark. That is a different problem. Our technopark officials [jokers to me] have converted half the parking spaces to office spaces in Tejaswini. That is a different problem.

    But we need to be responsible as educated citizens to do what is right. Based on your logic you should be able to park anywhere where there is not a ‘No Parking sign’.