DeitY launches Localization & Vikaspedia multilingual portals


New Delhi: The Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) under the Ministry of Communications & IT, GoI has launched a Localization portal ( and also a multilingual portal ( as part of the National e-Governance programme (NeGP).

The Multilingual portal is aimed at creating a versatile collective knowledge repository with a specific focus on domains relevant to social and economic development. It will serve as a collaborative content creation, sharing and utilization platform for a rainbow of stakeholders – NGOs, government, community based organizations, knowledge networks, CSRs, spread across the country.

Vikaspedia is presently available in five languages and is to be made available in 22 Indian official languages in phases. Information services related to key livelihood sectors (initially the six sectors of Agriculture, Education, Health, Social welfare, Energy and e-Governance) are currently available in the portal. To ensure dissemination of information to the underserved communities across the country, a multiple information delivery model that includes mobile based services, apps, offline products, publications, etc is being followed. The portal is also made mobile compliant, thereby enhancing the access and dissemination of information through mobiles.

The Localization portal has been developed for dissemination of information and providing basic localization tools and services. NeGP strives to make all government services available to the citizens through the use of ICT applications. It comprises of 31 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), which are further classified as state, central or integrated projects. Each MMP has several web based applications that are meant to directly or indirectly deliver information and/or services to the citizens. Hence, there is a need to make these applications and services available in the official language of the state apart from English.

To meet this goal, DeitY has entrusted Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) with the responsibility of assisting various ministries and departments in localization of various applications envisaged under their respective MMP.

C-DAC is implementing this project through the use of Localization Projects Management Framework (LPMF) being designed and developed over a Cloud platform. Currently, the LPMF supports six languages including Malayalam and gradually, other languages will be included in a phased manner to facilitate support for all the 22 official languages in the country.

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