H1N1 claims first victim in Technopark


In a rather unfortunate event, a young software engineer working in UST Global at Technopark in Trivandrum succumbed to the H1N1 virus infection on Tuesday night. Ramyanath was undergoing treatment at the Medical College Hospital in Trivandrum for the last ten days.

During the weekend, her colleagues at UST had overwhelmingly responded to a SOS call for blood after this 24 year old techie, who was in her advanced stage of pregnancy, developed complications. “It’s a double loss for the family and it’s really sad that she could not be saved despite being in the hostipal for some time”, said one of her colleagues. They observed a two minutes silence in Office to mourn her loss.

Ever since the swine flue (H1N1) broke out, two employees of the same company were reported to have contracted the virus. They have since reported back to office after successful treatment of the flue.

Meanwhile, the management has issued a communiqué to its employees which states, “USsociates are advised not to panic about the situation, as we are taking precaution by sanitizing the “touch points – door handles /lift areas” periodically. Following the Do’s and Don’ts and personal hygiene we have been promulgating will also help us to keep the pandemic at bay. In spite of this any of your team members or any of their immediate family members showing symptoms of fever/cold or reported to have swine flu, should be advised to take rest/ work from home depending on the project criticality and their general health conditions”.

On September 10, 2009, the Technopark management in partnership with the State Health Department had conducted a session on H1N1 awareness. Most of the 150 odd companies in Technopark have taken steps to curb the spread of this deadly virus. As on October 27, the country’s death toll due to the H1N1 virus stands at 447 with about 14 deaths in Kerala. 68 fresh cases of swine flue infection were detected across the country, out of which Kerala recorded the highest number of cases with 25.


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