Eram Scientific to unveil first ever self-sustained e-Toilet


Trivandrum: Technopark based Eram Scientific Solutions has announced that they will unveil the first-ever e-Toilet Imperial Model that aims to help bring sanitation to those who need it most, entitled Research on Self Sustained e-Toilet for households / urban-semi urban public / community sanitation.

This model has selected for exhibiting at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair: India event which will be co-hosted by the Government of India’s Department of Biotechnology and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) on March 21-22, 2014 at New Delhi. Eram Scientific Solutions will also showcase various models of eToilet at the fair that is also supported by the Indian Ministry of Urban Development.

According to a release, the e-Toilet Imperial Model from Eram Scientific offers salient features like Coin / Card based Access Control, Self-washing & Cleaning Mechanisms, Sensor-enabled water conservation, Automatic Seat Sterilization, Vacuum Flushing Mechanisms, Air-conditioned Interiors, Stainless Steel Built-up, Touch-free Switches, European Styled Squatting Pan, Automatic Urinal, and Sensor-enabled Wash Basin etc.

The research elements are developed to be modular and standalone, thus making it possible to be integrated with existing toilet structures. Eram Scientific is also collaborating with California Institute of Technology and Duke University for integrating their respective processing units with eToilet General Public Model & School Model respectively.

Eram Scientific Solutions’ project is one of approximately 50 exhibits that will be on display during the two-day fair. Eram Scientific is the innovator cum manufacturer of e-Toilets, India first electronic public toilets.

“Eram is assiduously working to improve public sanitation through our fully automated and electronically managed toilets, to open the doors to quality sanitation infrastructure to the common man. Eram Scientific’s RTTC research is focused on addressing the critical challenge of maintaining a clean and hygienic user experience using appropriate technology in a comprehensive manner, while conserving precious natural resources like water”, said Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, CMD of Eram-ITL Group of Companies.

Eram Scientific forayed into public sanitation in 2010 with its flagship product eToilet which has now crossed 400 + installations spreading over 10 states in India. eToilet meticulously integrates electronics, IT, communication and web technology to a robust toilet enclosure for conserving water and power and to ensure cleanliness and hygiene to every user.

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Photograph: E-Toilet installation at the Trivandrum Museum