UST Global announces IT partnership with Mexico’s Centro Fox


Trivandrum: UST Global, the Technopark based provider of IT services and solutions, today announced that former Mexican President Vicente Fox paid his first-ever visit to the US headquarters of UST Global on July 16 to announce the exclusive partnership agreement between UST Global and Centro Fox, the state-of-the-art presidential library and learning centre dedicated to leadership development throughout Mexico and Latin America. The partnership will result in the expansion of UST Global’s innovative IT services and solutions to support the Latin American operations of global enterprises, as well as local organizations based within the region.

In his comments, Fox said, “UST Global is partnering with Centro Fox in order to help accomplish nothing less than the transformation of my country into a world-class technology economy. We chose UST Global as our sole partner for the all-important work of transforming IT in Mexico for three reasons – first, at UST Global quality means getting things right the first time, in a cost-effective way; second, UST Global considers itself a strategic partner and thinks ahead for ways to either making money or saving money for clients, and third, UST Global is willing to share the risks and take ownership of outcomes in order to ensure their clients’ success.”

As part of the agreement, UST Global will make a significant investment in terms of creating an infrastructure of new development centres. It has also already begun providing technical training for thousands in the Mexican workforce. The combined presence of UST Global and Centro Fox will offer reduced operational costs to clients through IT services and solutions. These services and solutions will also add value through innovation, with a particular focus on the retail, banking, telecommunications, oil and gas sectors.

Sajan Pillai, CEO, UST Global said, “This is a truly historic agreement and we at UST Global are excited to be a part of it. Members of the UST Global and Centro Fox team have come together for the past several months to develop this vision for the future of IT in Latin America. We are all confident that we will soon make this vision a reality.” Meanwhile, Sajan has accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of Centro Fox.

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