TiE Kerala Round Table calls for entrepreneurship education


Kochi: The participants at the ‘Round Table on Entrepreneurship’ at the Emerging Kerala 2012 Global Connect which concluded in Kochi on September 14, called for giving emphasis on entrepreneurship education from school level, creating multi-funding avenues for start ups, industry involvement in developing an entrepreneurship friendly environment and time bound regulatory clearances for new enterprises.

Prominent State Government officials, entrepreneurs, industrialists, management experts from across the country addressed the meet. This is a follow up of the workshop on ‘Entrepreneur Friendly Emerging Kerala’ jointly organised by TiE and the Government of Kerala earlier at Trivandrum.

“We need to take pride in setting up our own enterprises. The Government can be only a facilitator in the process. This has already started happening around and bureaucracy cannot help much in this”, K M Chandrasekhar, Vice Chairman, Planning Board, GoK said in his summing up of discussions.

Speakers also pointed out that, barriers to entrepreneurship are more of a perception and prevailing culture. A change of mindset is required. And mentoring has an important role to play in the success of new ventures. To address these issues, it was felt need for short courses on entrepreneurship. A symposium to discuss these and other issues will be held in the near future.

The workshop on ‘Entrepreneur Friendly Emerging Kerala” organized by TiE Kerala jointly with Government of Kerala on August 04 had submitted the following seven proposals to the state government to consider:
1. A re-look at the existing District Industry Centres to focus on supporting entrepreneurs
2. Prepare a white paper on how industry can support and promote entrepreneurship in the state
3. Do a pilot workshop on entrepreneurship – KIED & TiE Kerala
4. Doing a process study of the regulatory approvals required and doing a process re-engineering as part of creating a ‘ process walkthrough’ during the Emerging Kerala  event.
5. Position paper on all current entrepreneurship schemes
6. White paper on the venture capital
7. Formation of a committee to oversee these recommendations

The proposals are expected to give key inputs for formulating policy and direction to the Government of Kerala to make the State more entrepreneur friendly.

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