Samsung announces Club Samsung digital entertainment store


Bangalore: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. today announced the launch of Club Samsung 2.0, a digital entertainment storefront spanning music, movies, videos & mobile TV under its MSC (Media Solutions Centre) division. The application with its intuitive interface provides easy access to content even in an offline mode for a seamless user experience.

Commenting on the launch, B D Park, President & CEO, Samsung South West Asia said, “With this launch, we reaffirm our leadership in customer-centric innovation, which is at the core of all the product development that we undertake. As an industry leader, Samsung is addressing the need to provide high quality digital content by working closely with content providers and ecosystem developers. The new offering from our Media Solutions Center (MSC) division will not only provide unparalleled user experience but will set a new standard in the mobile entertainment space.”

Tarun Malik, Director of MSC – South West Asia, Samsung Electronics said, “We have invested significant resources & efforts in ensuring that Club Samsung 2.0 delivers a world-class experience to our customers. Whether it’s the single hand operation or the ability to play online & offline content at one place, there are a lot of features that will excite our customers. We will continue our relentless focus on product innovation to further boost our leadership in the software & services domain.”

At launch Club Samsung 2.0 customers can access content across multiple languages with hundreds of Movies & Videos, thousands of Songs and Mobile TV with over 90 channels.

Using the Samsung account sign-on, customers can take their profiles with them across devices & form factors. Up to five devices are supported through a single user ID that spans Smartphone, Tablets & TVs.

Club Samsung 2.0 has a unified player for all offline and online content. Club Samsung scans the device for all available media & brings them under a unified media player. Club Samsung’s new media player allows multi-tasking such as synchronous browsing, social sharing, etc.

Club Samsung is compatible with 14 Samsung devices currently scaling to 33 devices in a few months. It will be available for download starting September 30, 2014 from Galaxy App Store.

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