Kerala Water Authority uses IBM big data & analytics technology


Trivandrum: Kerala Water Authority (KWA) is using IBM Analytics and Mobility solutions to analyze, monitor and manage water distribution in the capital city. With the solutions, KWA aims to achieve 100% success in equitable water supply with the ability to monitor and flag irregularities in water usage using sensors and intelligent meters.

The data monitored by the IBM systems will help KWA in tracking water meters across the city on consumption, thereby reducing billing anomalies and improving revenue collection by more than 10%. KWA is working with IBM to put in place the necessary infrastructure, monitoring and analytics to help identify potential issues proactively, in an effort to dramatically reduce water waste, improve customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of maintenance and business operations.

IBM will help KWA establish a Water Management Centre using the IBM Intelligent Water software to bring all the distribution and consumption data from meters to a central dashboard where water usage can be effectively and predictively monitored and managed. This provides the city’s water supply networks and KWA management with a unified and real time view of the transmission and consumption of water across the Thiruvananthapuram.

Smart sensors working in conjunction with the IBM Intelligent Operations Water software enable workers to receive alerts through their mobile or smart devices or laptops so they can respond in near real time to get the problem fixed.

“With a loss of close to 45% of the current water supply and lack of proper water management in the city, we decided to deploy IBM’s advanced Analytics and Mobility solutions to overcome these challenges. We will now have real time information and will be able to assess and manage our supply effectively. We are happy to have partnered with IBM in our endeavour to make water distribution in the city equitable and fair,” said Ashok Kumar Singh, MD, KWA.

“We are happy to have partnered with KWA to provide them with the power of Analytics and Mobility and help them transform the water distribution and management systems in Thiruvananthapuram in an effort to help make it a Smarter City,” said Prashant Pradhan, Director, Smarter Planet Solutions, IBM India.

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