Mindhelix raises funds for smart-home device on Kickstarter


Kochi: An innovative home security device developed by Mindhelix , a company at Kochi-based Startup Village, has raised over 1,00,000 USD from 749 backers on the online crowd funding platform, Kickstarter.

Mindhelix’s Rico is a sensor-equipped hardware that works by itself or with a spare smartphone to detect and alert users about changes inside a home, for example, in temperature, humidity, noise levels or movement, and the presence of smoke, carbon monoxide or cooking gas. It allows users to watch live video feeds of the rooms and can also be used to control home appliances remotely.

In a statement, Kallidil Kalidasan, CEO of Mindhelix said, “Rico is a cheaper and smarter replacement for a multitude of heavy and expensive home security hardware currently in use. Its added advantage is that it allows people to reuse their old or discarded smartphones. Rico uses your old smartphone as its brain and eyes. All you need to do is install an app in your old smartphone, insert it into Rico and turn it on to activate your smarthome security companion”.

“Our Kickstarter campaign has been well received globally. We thank everyone who has come forward to support us,” he added.

Startup Village Chairman Sanjay Vijayakumar said, “At Startup Village, we aim to create awareness among our people that young innovators are being backed internationally.”

Rico uses the existing hardware of smartphones – such as HD cameras, microphones, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and processor – to offer functions over and above its own sensor capabilities. Smartphones with Android 2.2 & above and Apple devices with iOS 6 & above can be plugged into Rico. It supports devices with screen size of 5.7 inch or below.

Kalidasan said the company has put in extra effort with the design of the product. Unlike the usual boxy electronic devices, Rico has a quirky, fun design and comes in bright appealing colours.

Once it meets the funding target, Mindhelix will finalise the engineering design, analytics, production and supply details. It hopes to ship the product to its Kickstarter backers by November 2015.

Mindhelix is also part of the Alchemist Accelerator program in the Silicon Valley.

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