SectorQube uses Kickstarter to crowdsource funds


Kochi: SectorQube, a campus start-up at the Startup Village, Kochi founded by a group of engineering students three years ago, has started a funding campaign for their flagship product, a smart microwave oven – MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes) on Kickstarter.

With 16 days left for the campaign to close, they have already raised nearly $90,000 from over 250 funders.

In a statement, Nibu Alias, CEO of SectorQube said they have now set a stretch goal of $ 150,000 for their backers but hope to raise around $ 200,000 by December 03, 2014.

MAID is a smart microwave oven connected to a social, crowd-sourced recipe store on the Internet. The oven can read out the selected recipe and display the step-by-step procedure while intuitively choosing the time and temperature needed for cooking. A MAID mobile app installed on the phone alerts the user when the dish is done. There is also an option to switch to manual mode to use MAID like a regular oven.

SectorQube was set up in October 2011 by Sabarish Prakash, Nibu, Ani Abraham Joy, Arjun S, Midhun Skaria and Biniyas VL. The company operates in the domain of electronics with the concept – Android beyond Apps.

“If the campaign crosses our stretch goal of $150k, we will also release a MAID probe, a wireless temperature probe to measure food temperature and make adjustments automatically to avoid undercooking or overcooking of food,” said Ani, COO, SectorQube.

MAID is the third innovative product from Startup Village, after Fin of RHL Vision and Rico of MindHelix, to successfully raise money from a crowd funding platform for commercial production.

“Innovative products from Startup Village are grabbing attention world over. We are thrilled by the way the youngsters are moulding up here,” said Sanjay Vijayakumar, Chairman, Startup Village.

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