MP Govt. in talks with Startup Village to set up incubator facility


Kochi: Close on the heels of Andhra Pradesh adopting the Startup Village-model, the Madhya Pradesh government has initiated discussions with the Kochi based Startup Village, seeking its support and expertise in setting up a similar incubation facility in their State.

A high-level delegation led by M Selvendran IAS, MD of Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation (MPSEDC) Ltd, visited Startup Village and held talks with the management team.

“We are very impressed by Startup Village’s functioning and are exploring the possibility of setting up a similar facility in Madhya Pradesh. We plan to seek support from the management and the technical team of Startup Village to devise a strategy to build a similar incubator in MP,” said Selvendran after the visit.

The other members of the delegation were L K Tiwari, Additional Chief General Manager, MPSEDC; Kamal Jain, Deputy Director, Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology; and Pankaj Sethi, Director, ThirdVue Consulting.

“It is truly a recognition for Startup Village’s efforts over the last 30 months in creating an ecosystem which supports young entrepreneurs. We are in the process of bringing out a blueprint on creation of innovative ecosystems that can be adopted by states across India,” said Startup Village Chairman, Sanjay Vijayakumar.

“It was an extremely productive discussion where we shared our experiences of the journey to become one of the most successful business incubators in the country,” said CEO, Pranav Kumar Suresh said. “We also shared our views as to what needs to go into creating a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem. It is the recognition of the quality work done by our startups and the depth of the programmes conceptualised and implemented by the Startup Village.”

The delegation toured the campus and checked out the facilities being offered to start-ups. They also discussed at length, the Kerala Government’s Student Entrepreneurship Policy which is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship culture among the youth in the State. The delegation also studied the method of functioning and other activities of the incubator.

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