UST Global partners with Pneuron to deliver quality IT solutions


Trivandrum: UST Global, a Kerala based IT solutions and services company, has announced its partnership with Pneuron Corporation, a pioneer of the distributed solutions category. This partnership will enable UST and Pneuron to expand market share in their respective domains by leveraging connected products and services.

Pneuron will connect their high-value platform to UST Global’s industry expertise and strong customer base. This will enable both companies to quickly and effectively address an array of today’s distributed data and analytics challenges of speed and cost. By utilizing Pneuron’s platform, UST Global gains capabilities to deploy and customize pre-built solution templates or rapidly build unique customer solutions. Pneuron-based solutions are deployed as distributed processing networks which non-invasively interact with diverse assets and accelerate time to value while retaining a high degree of solution agility. This will support UST’s growth with both existing clientele and new sales opportunities.

“Pneuron’s technology will allow our clients to avoid the typically pricey, repetitious and sometimes even risky precursors of data centralization and systems integration”, said Sajan Pillai, CEO of UST Global. “Our new approach with Pneuron makes it possible for us to give customers the very best solutions, with double the speed and half the cost of conventional methods.”

“Today’s business leaders are challenged with a deluge of new data sources, a rich set of analytical alternatives and the expectation of improved ROI, all while working through complicated and constantly changing requirements”, said Simon Moss, CEO of Pneuron. “Working with UST, Pneuron will further its mission to simplify the development, deployment and execution of robust business solutions.”

Though available through channel partners and applicable to all industries, the UST and Pneuron partnership is well positioned to create substantial value in financial services, insurance and healthcare, three verticals where diverse, complex and constantly changing requirements must be expertly served.

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