Kerala Tourism launches online video sequencing contest


Trivandrum: Kerala Tourism has launched yet another promotional initiative by conducting a month-long video sequencing contest that puts people’s technical skills and creative abilities to test by getting them to order video clips of a movie.

“In this era of internet and smartphones, websites have become one of the most popular media for cost effective tourism promotion. This is will become a global competition and the contest aims to attract maximum participants from various destinations”, said Tourism Minister, Shri A P Anil Kumar.

He also added that it was a matter of pride for all that Kerala Tourism website gets the maximum visits among the tourism websites of India and comes within the top ten positions in website traffic among all countries of Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

A total of 30 videos, each of two minutes duration will be created for the contest, highlighting diverse aspects of Kerala. Each video will be then divided into six portions of 20 seconds each and uploaded to the site. These divided portions will be in jumbled order.

The contestant will have to login to the contest page on where he/she will have to rearrange the jumbled portions of the video into a single continuous sequence which accurately matches with that of the original video.

“Tourism promotion is an area where there is heavy competition, and each destination is vying to increase traffic to their website. In this context, the video sequencing contest will serve as a major promotional tool for the tourism department,” said Kerala Tourism Director, P I Sheik Pareeth.

He also added that the competition, which will run until March 17, will encourage people to spend more time on the tourism website. Three bumper prizes will be given away at the end of the contests.

“We pioneered the use of online video for destination promotion has embarked on timely actions and state of the art technology to maintain its current supremacy,” said Kerala Tourism Secretary, G Kamala Vardhana Rao. “Interactive web-based projects keep the viewers engaged in our website and increase site traffic. This is the background of the video sequencing contest.”

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