Kerala Tourism launches e-Books on Ayurveda


Trivandrum: The millennia-old Ayurveda is taking the digital route to reach a global audience captivated by the science of life. Kerala Tourism today launched two e-books on Ayurveda in a first electronic publication of its kind by a tourism board in the country.

State Tourism Minister Shri A P Anil Kumar released the two e-books on Ayurveda, besides two other e-books, one on the socio-cultural history of Kerala and the other on yoga and healthy living, at a function here. Kerala Tourism is a pioneer in using digital tools for promoting the destination.

The e-books on Ayurveda are the award-winning coffee table books ‘Panchakarma: Ayurveda’s Mantra of Rejuvenation’, explaining panchakarma as a holistic rejuvenation therapy combining five therapeutic actions to detoxify the body and revitalise the body system; and ‘Ayurveda: The Mantra of Niramaya’, an introduction to the medicine system using texts from ancient scripts to modern research papers.

The other e-books are ‘Kerala: A Poem in Green and Gold’, a veritable storehouse of information on Kerala by former Chief Secretary K Jayakumar and ‘YogaSutra: The Art and Science of Living’.

Published by the Thiruvananthapuram based IT solutions provider Invis Multimedia, the four e-books will be available at online stores for purchase for easy reading on e-book readers, mobile phones or computer screens. The digitisation of the four coffee table books was sponsored by Kerala Tourism.

In his remarks, the Minister said, “The e-books on Ayurveda are aimed at people around the world, to help them learn about the age-old system of medicine so that they can come to Kerala and experience its health benefits”.

Suman Billa IAS, Secretary, Kerala Tourism said, “The two Ayurveda e-books and the other two e-books are part of our continuing efforts to inform the global audience about Kerala and to help them become a part of the experience that is Kerala”.

Rani George IAS, Director, Kerala Tourism said, “Using modern technological tools is important in today’s digital age to reach a wider audience who are eager to travel”. Those buying the Ayurveda e-books will get free e-brochure on Kerala Tourism.

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