Oglespark launches e-com platform ‘Decideprice’ for local e-tailing


Trivandrum: Oglespark Technologies, a city based startup, has launched DecidePrice, an e-commerce platform to encourage local e-retailing. This will be a help for those merchants without websites to start their own e-commerce platforms and also those with existing sites to shift into online retailing.

According to a release from the company, Decideprice is a flexible Internet based application that allows any merchant to create an online retailing solution of their own without any hassles. It also helps shop owners to maintain their own identity in e-commerce without depending others.

Rajesh J Nair, CEO of Oglespark said, “Decideprice can potentially revolutionise local e-commerce. It provides customers the exact location of stores with the image gallery of products. Customers also have the option of using chat, email or phone interactions to enquire and clarify their doubts about products with the shops. The website that Decideprice provides for the merchants registering with us, includes listing all details of their products and store information which will be available to the public. This unique feature helps merchants increase their sales day by day. We hope that the new platform will make the local e-tail experience better.”

Decideprice promises to be a trendsetter in the e-commerce sector by putting local shops in the online market. As the product progresses, the customer will be able to see local restaurants, mobile shops and even the smallest of businesses have online retailing services with Decideprice.

Any local business establishment can simply register on the site and setup their own unique e-tail website within fifteen minutes. Those who already have their own website can embed the Decideprice site code on their own website and turn it into an online sales portal. Payment gateways, product uploads etc. are left to each business. Decideprice offers a completely free subscription service with payment gateway thus enabling smooth online transactions by just registering merchants’ bank details. It also provides a free domain name thus creating a unique website for the merchant at zero cost.

Oglespark Technologies is a start-up with focus on web applications, by three youngsters fresh out of college. Ajesh Anand and Anil Lookose are the other team members.

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