High-level delegation from Chhattisgarh visits Startup Village


Kochi: After Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, officials from Chhattisgarh Government visited the Kochi-based Startup Village to learn more about the incubation facility and explore ways to set up a similar facility in their State.

A high-level delegation led by Rajat Kumar, Joint Secretary to the Chhattisgarh Chief Minister, visited Startup Village on Friday and had discussions with the executives to understand its working model and their possible support and expertise in setting up a facility at Naya Raipur.

“We are very impressed with the whole ecosystem that MobMe, the Union Department of Science and Technology, the Kerala Government and other players have together created for the young entrepreneurs. The Chhattisgarh Government is also planning to start a project along similar lines. We saw inspired, motivated young boys and girls turning their ideas into useful products and applications. We are sure that the environment provided here will go a long way in not only providing employment to lot of youngsters but also to make India a true IT hub,” said Rajat..

“It is amazing. Startup Village has set an example for the industry and we have come here to learn more about it. We want to replicate this model in our State to provide opportunities to our youth,” said Saurabh Kumar, CEO, Chhattisgarh Infotech & Biotech Promotion Society.

“We are really happy that the other states are looking up to Startup Village for inspiration. It is truly a recognition for our efforts over the last 30 months in creating an ecosystem which supports young entrepreneurs. We will soon bring out a blueprint on Startup Village that can be adopted by other States,” said Startup Village Chairman, Sanjay Vijayakumar.

“We shared with them our experiences in setting up one of the most successful business incubators in the country. We briefed them about the aspects that need to be developed for creating a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem. More States are showing interest in the Startup Village model because of the quality work done by our start-ups and the depth of the programmes conceptualised and implemented by us,” said Pranav Kumar Suresh, CEO.

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