Bridge India launches global marketplace for software teams


Kochi: Bridge India, a Dutch-Indian global IT staffing company based in Kochi, has announced the launch of Ekipa, an online platform to help organisations find international software teams to build their software quickly and easily.

Ekipa is an online marketplace that unites the demand for building software with teams that build great software. People can obtain everything from an ERP system, a mobile app or a responsive webshop to niche technologies such as Ruby on Rails or Python.

According to Hugo Messer, CEO of Bridge India, “With the introduction of Ekipa, Bridge India is offering organisations, especially SMEs, an easy way to select software teams that have previously built similar software. All teams on Ekipa are vetted, which gives customers the guarantee that they will work with people who know what they are doing. Furthermore, because the Ekipa team always stays engaged in a collaboration that is established through the platform, we have removed the last barrier for people to outsource their software development globally.”

“Since its soft launch two months back, Ekipa has been noticed in the market and 100 teams from the US, the Netherlands, India, and many Eastern European countries have already registered on Ekipa. Several companies have placed project requests and the first Ekipa project started recently”, added Hugo.

Many small and specialized Indian IT providers often have challenges finding customers overseas. To resolve this, Ekipa also offers distant IT providers a virtual local office in the US and the EU. Ekipa matches these Indian IT firms with projects that fit their skill sets and the Ekipa team can manage local sales talks and organize local deliveries to customers as well.

Erwin Moojen, CEO of 22Times, a Netherlands based e-mail marketing software provider said, “On Ekipa, we found four international software teams and we selected two teams of them that matched our vision and the specific project.”

Hugo started Bridge Global IT Staffing, an IT outsourcing, offshoring, and nearshoring firm in the Netherlands in 2005. From their offices in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany; Bridge India helps European companies improve their businesses through global IT staffing. The Bridge India development offices in Kochi and Ukraine have a special culture, tailored and nurtured to serve global companies.

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