AmidRay launches community based Traffic Mobile App


Kochi: Kochi based start-up, AmidRay Technologies has launched a community based Android application called Blockout Traffic, a free and easy traffic mobile app for commuters. The app will display the name of the roads and locations in users’ area where there is a traffic block within 25 – 30 km radius. Anybody can be part of the Blockout community by posting traffic blocks whenever they encounter one.

Blockout Traffic can save time, money and fuel by showing traffic updates and the time displayed in each traffic post will help the user know exactly when the block was reported. The users can thus, take an alternate route to their desired destinations and also plan their day’s travel according to the traffic updates.

The app locates the exact position of a user by using the GPS in the phone. The phone should have internet connectivity in order to post blocks and get block updates. Blockout Traffic is available on Google Play store and is currently available only on the Android platform.

In a release, Pratheeksha A K, Founder & CEO, AmidRay Technologies said, “As a technology start-up, we are keen on developing applications that serve the community as a whole. I am sure that Blockout Traffic is a social app that brings people together in solving the horrendous traffic jam issue. AmidRay has many plans to develop and release social relevant applications for various platforms”.

Nithin Bose, Co Founder & CTO, AmidRay said, “We have focused on Android since it’s more popular in the Indian smartphone market. We are also planning to release the App in other platforms soon. Blockout Traffic has many good features and we are waiting for the public response. The next edition will give automatic traffic updates to the user”.

AmidRay Technologies is a two year old start-up company incubated at Technopark TBI, Trivandrum and Startup Village, Kochi. The company was started four youngsters, Rohit R K, COO and Mahesh Mohan, VP (Engineering), being the other two.

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