Kerala University – more than mere automation


Tvm: Can you believe that the students of a remote village from Trivandrum register for their B.Ed course online? It is no wonder when Kerala University is making rapid strides in IT and e-Governance.


The Kerala University Computer Center (KUCC), comprising of a team of experts led by Dr. V Ajayakumar is behind these efforts. Recently, KUCC picked up two of the Kerala state e-Governance awards for 2008. Dr. Ajayakumar attributes the credit to the work culture among his peers who are driven by boundless motivation.


The System for Automated Governance of Examinations (SAGE) was designed and developed in-house to revamp the six decade old examination system. Rather than computerising the manual process by itself, SAGE involves stage wise monitoring of examination related processes. All functions from registration to issuance of degree certificates were remodeled before IT-enabling. Artifacts ranging from time table for various examinations to communications about revaluation are generated online by KUCC systems. By rolling out a system for anytime exam information, which provides consolidated result status at any instance, KUCC has set a new landmark in the Indian university education. Another feather in the cap for KUCC is the System for Web Enabled Exam Transactions (SWEET) which facilitates online transactions between colleges and university office.


Out of the total 225 colleges in Kerala University, 165 have already come under the purview of e-Governance facilities. More than 90% of the students under the computerised scheme get all services from the University and pass out even without knowing where the University office is situated. This is not a meagre achievement, considering the historical intricacies associated with our University education system. KUCC director remembers the immense cooperation from the affiliated colleges during the initiative. The automation system comes with various provisions for recruiting agencies too. They can verify the genuineness of University degrees on internet.                  


A convocation function remains elusive for the students of Kerala University. According to Dr. V Ajayakumar, this can become a reality with the help of KUCC which is confident to deliver all the degree certificates meeting any stipulated deadline. It can be conducted as a platform to showcase the professionalism to the recruiters. KUCC has also gained the potential to automate the Institute of Distance Education courses.


It is the people friendliness that makes any IT implementation to win accolades from the masses. KUCC stands as a tall example for this among the mammoth and costly experiments. The added benefit of this implementation is its cost effectiveness along with an artistic touch. When public sector banks are laden with costly enterprise software, KUCC has brought its in-house expertise at no additional expense.


Gokul Alex


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