Start-up needs Search Engine Wizard


Bangalore: A technology start-up based in Bangalore is on the look out for a young Search Engine Wizard as co-founder.


Talking to Kerala IT News, Georgy S Thomas, the tech entrepreneur said, “We are basically looking for a search engine wizard, because the start-up is all about vertical search. In addition, he should have expertise in Google Map mash-up and WordPress web designing.” This is an equity opportunity, i.e. the person can join as a co-founder. At this point, none of the other founders are thinking of taking a salary until they see revenues coming in.

Georgy plans to get a prototype ready by March first week and expects the work load to be intense till then. “By the way, it’s important that the person should be young, and at the same time should have integrity”, he added.


The Start-up is looking at Incubation spaces in Kerala and is in talks with Infopark authorities for a place in one of their new IT parks.


Please check out our jobs section for some more details about Georgy’s requirement. Promoting and supporting start-ups is one of the primary areas of focus by Kerala IT News  (About Us) and this is an initiative in this direction.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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