Sparkling Apps powers Internet TV app for Proximus Swipebox


Trivandrum: Sparkling Apps B V, a Technopark based Dutch IT company with a focus on mobile applications, today announced that TV apps and software developed by them would power a new TV interface and a ‘Swipebox’ to be launched by Proximus, the European media giant.

Proximus Group, the former Belgacom, is to launch a new TV and OTT content sharing service later this year along with a new TV interface and a ‘Swipebox’, as well as new TV apps. The new Proximus TV App will provide the same experience on smartphones and tablets as on the TV, while transforming these devices into virtual remote controls, according to the company.

The Swipebox is a device that is connected to the TV decoder and an innovative and easy-to-use solution allowing customers to instantly share personal content and internet content with family and friends by displaying content from a smartphone or tablet onto a TV screen. It can be considered a competitor to Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s Apple TV.

Both the TV apps and the Swipebox software have been developed in-house by Sparkling Apps in cooperation with ZappoTV. Sparkling Apps, operating from the Nila building in Technopark campus in Thiruvananthapuram, was started in 2011 by Roeland van der Spek and Martijn van der Spek from the Netherlands, with a focus on mobile development. Within a short time span, Sparkling Apps implemented several successful apps, with over 5 million downloads for apps under its own brand alone.

Interacting with Kerala IT News, Martijn, CEO of Sparkling Apps said, “This is a new breakthrough for us. Developing an entire media platform for a major partner like Proximus gives us the experience and exposure to really put us on the map. The success of Sparkling Apps here shows that even smaller technology companies in Kerala can realize groundbreaking products.”

“Our technical expertise with iOS, Android and Microsoft was vital. We were able to provide an all in one solution that could run on all popular mobile platforms as well as drive the Swipebox from Proximus. With these results, Sparkling Apps is looking at a very bright future as a mobile and media development firm indeed”, he added.

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