Verbat Technologies partner serial Entrepreneur to launch Kitchen Digital


Trivandrum: Kochi based serial entrepreneur, Andrine Mendez and Verbat Technologies, a Thiruvananthapuram based global digital technology services company, have come together to launch Kitchen Digital, an Integrated Digital Agency.

Kitchen Digital is an innovation hub focused on digital marketing and will nurture and grow disruptive start-ups within its ecosystem. To be setup in Kochi, it will offer Kerala based startups a unique platform to scale up and collaborate with clients in global markets.

Verbat already has an active sales presence in North America and Europe to reach out to such global clients with Kitchen Digital’s services in creative design, customer experience, digital production and e-commerce platforms. Kitchen Digital’s team has extensive experience of having collaborated with global CMOs and Chief Digital Officers to boost consumer loyalty, increased sales and improve efficiencies for global brands.

“This is a unique opportunity for startups in Kerala & for the state to display the State’s appetite to showcase innovation. Big brands are fast realizing that disruptive innovation is coming from nimble start-ups and are showing a preference to invest and work with such startups, to create agile and disruptive solutions for their organization. This unique platform is what Kitchen Digital is all about”, said Andrine Mendez, who exited SaltMangoTree, his previous venture that was merged with a French group last year.

“Demand is growing rapidly for services that integrate creative ideas with design, usability, insights and technology in order to create compelling digital customer experiences,” said Jijo Olassa, CEO, Verbat Technologies. He also cited how clients across North America and Europe have started to identify Kerala more than just a tourism destination and have plans to have clients visit initiatives like StartUp Village to understand first hand the Kerala IT and Innovation story.

Kitchen Digital will work hands on with startups to help them build, fine-tune & scale Digital Technology products in areas of Retail, Fintech, IoT & Mobile Applications. The team is also on the look out to setup a co-working space and accelerator at Kochi to support the initiative.

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