TCS inaugurates Japan-centric Delivery Centre in India


Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) today announced the inauguration of a Japan-centric Delivery Centre (JDC), located within TCS Sahyadri Park in Pune. The new centre augments delivery capabilities of TCS’ 2,400 strong Japan-based workforce, established in July 2014 in joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation as part of a strategic expansion in the Japan market.

The JDC facilities will cater to specific business needs of Japanese corporations in alignment with their unique expectations, enabled by way of localization of global business practices and enhanced language support. Japanese-associates will work closely with the Pune center to engender a delivery-environment conducive to customer needs and resonating with the Japanese quality mindset.

Further, in order to ensure the perfect cultural and lingual fit, TCS Japan Hikari Academy has been established as an integral part of the JDC, featuring dedicated faculty who will provide extensive language training and cultural seminars for staff at multiple levels. A customized curriculum is also being developed in collaboration with universities from the surrounding Pune area which boasts the largest student population for Japanese-language studies in India.

N Chandrasekaran, CEO & MD said, “Opening of this centre is a continuation of our investment and commitment to the Japan market. Our Model brings out the best of our capabilities in Japan and leverages TCS’ global strengths, and we are pleased to partner with our clients in Japan to reap the fruits of technology-led innovation.”

Yoshiyuku Tanimura, Head & VP – Services Delivery, TCS Japan commented, “TCS offers best-in-class services and vast global experience across multiple industries and domains. We believe that this – paired with Japanization and our focused alignment with Japan market expectations – will enable customers to execute on key business initiatives with greater confidence, expediting time to market and their ability to scale with ease.”

The joint venture between TCS and Mitsubishi Corporation saw the strategic merger of respective subsidiaries to form Tata Consultancy Services Japan. The resulting entity brings together TCS’ deep domain knowledge, technology expertise and strong execution capabilities on the global stage, pairing them with the Mitsubishi subsidiary’s long standing relationships with Japanese corporations, talented workforce and strong competencies in industries like retail, distribution and trading.

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