UK’s Nationwide Building Society selects TCS’ neural automation platform


Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced a new partnership with Nationwide Building Society in the UK for the provision of the ignio neural automation system which will initially be used for Batch Performance and Capacity Management.

Nationwide, a long-standing TCS customer, selected TCS’ Services-as-Software platform ignio, the world’s first neural automation system for enterprise IT, as part of its continued transformation of its technology and operations. As the world’s largest building society, Nationwide delivers a wide range of products to its customers and recognises the importance of deploying new services rapidly and increasing the resilience of its digital solutions.

Mike Pighills, Head of Service Integration & Transition, Nationwide Building Society commented, “Moving all of our services on to a digital platform, while ensuring a high level of resilience and agility, is a major priority for Nationwide. In recent years, as our business has grown and new services have been introduced, our back-end systems have become ever more complex. ignio will help us to simplify the management of these systems, giving us greater efficiency and control over critical aspects of our IT.”

ignio is designed to automate and optimise the IT operations and processes of an enterprise to improve speed and flexibility, reduce operational risks and enhance user experience. Inspired by the human neural system, machine learning and other digital technologies, the ignio platform has the capacity to sense, think and act, as well as constantly learn and adapt to enterprises’ context. ignio is offered as a Services-as-Software platform, which can be deployed either on-premise and/or on the cloud depending on the needs of the business.

Prof Harrick Vin, VP & Chief Scientist, TCS said, “The digital revolution has created many opportunities for businesses like Nationwide, but it also brings challenges, perhaps the most significant of which is the rapidly increasing complexity of IT. New digital products for customers, combined with the vast amounts of data that today’s organisations have to process, can make it difficult to make fast, informed decisions. We are delighted that Nationwide has chosen ignio to be a part of their transformation journey. We are confident that ignio will make a real difference to Nationwide’s ability to anticipate and respond to opportunities in this hyper-connected age.”

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