UCL Season 2 is back


The UST Champions League (UCL) cricket tournament is back for its next edition. The UCL Season 2 begins at the Technopark Grounds in Trivandrum on 7th and 8th November as the teams from different centers of UST Global in India fight for the Coveted trophy.

Played in accordance with ODI rules as established by the ICC and subject to the interpretation of the Umpires and the organizers, the UCL matches are a Eight overs a side fixture. However, there are some interesting rules. Every team of 14 members should have at least two ladies in its playing squad in order to have eleven players (including the two ladies) taking the field. In case a team is forced to take the field without any ladies playing for them, the captain of the other team can impose a penalty at his/her discretion, provided his/her own team fields at least a lady for the particular match. Well, women’s empowerment !!



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