Toonz announces new project with Big B


Big B Amitabh Bachchan, director Priyadarshan and Toonz have joined hands to make a Rs.20 crore 3D animation film titled “Twinergy”. Toonz Animation, the Technopark based animation company which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary,

announced this today at a press conference attended by Toonz CEO Mr. P. Jayakumar along with famous Hollywood film maker Steve Stabler, CEO Commotions Pictures, USA. The pre-production work is over and the production for the 90-minute 3D animation film has commenced and Toonz hope to release it by Diwali next year. This will be a co-production with Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd. (ABCL).

Mr Bachchan will give voice to the character and also have a share in the movie rights, but the funding risk is being taken by Toonz. Mr Bachchan is expected to start sound recording for the movie next month.  Mr Jayakumar said Big B had been presented with seven different concepts for the movie, and that he had liked as many as four of them, from which one was chosen.

Toonz has also entered into a co-production pact with Argentinian Illusion Film to make popular Latin American animated serial Gatturo. According to Toonz, this would be the first animation production tie-up of an Indian animator with a Latin American company.


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