SmartCity invites CM to Dubai


Dubai: In what is seen as a tit-for-tat action, the Dubai based developers of SmartCity Kochi has extended an invitation to the CM to visit its business operations there within hours of CM stating that the Dubai-based promoters of the SmartCity was in a ‘pathetic’ condition.

In an official statement, SmartCity CEO Fareed Abdulrahman said his company was fully committed to the Kochi project.  “Despite the delays beyond our control, we would like to reaffirm our intention to complete this project successfully for the benefit of the people and economy of Kerala. To that end, we have the full support, financially, operationally and otherwise, from our parent company, Tecom Investments”.

Mr Abdulrahman said that he wished to highlight his company’s commitment towards its legal obligations as outlined in the framework agreement of the project, adding that all parties should be diligent and uncompromising with regard to the agreement. He also added that comments that may question our commitment or our legal obligations towards this very important project are misplaced and could impair our shared vision.



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