Connecting telcos to the marketing arena, the Flytxt way


Tvm: Talk to Dr Vinod Vasudevan and he will tell you the story of an idea that managed to keep pace with technology advancements and turn itself into a very significant piece in the modern day marketing puzzle. Mobile marketing has come of age, and Flytxt, which has Dr Vasudevan at the helm, has stayed on as the frontrunner.


Flytxt, today, has carved a unique platform for itself in the mobile marketing arena. As Dr Vasudevan, CEO, Flytxt, says, the company has carved a name for itself in mobile marketing. Cementing this fact is the company has convinced and brought in Reliance Communications to deploy its integrated carrier-class mobile marketing software platform called Neon on its network.

“Flytxt is now enabling Reliance Communications to leverage its existing business data and boost voice and VAS revenues through intelligent mobile marketing,” Dr Vasudevan says. Added revenue, via mobile marketing, is ensured for the company deploying our services,” he adds.

With Reliance now being provided the Neon service, Flytxt is now scouting for more telecom providers in the Indian scene for providing mobile marketing services. The deployment of Neon on telecom networks would help telecom carriers take personalized marketing messages to a targeted audience.

Dr Vasudevan is upbeat about the prospects of mobile marketing, and this shows when he explains the way his company has been deploying Neon. “We are constantly upgrading Neon to make it an effective tool in mobile marketing.  Besides Neon, fresh innovative products are in the works too at the operational hub in Trivandrum Technopark,” he added. The Technopark base takes care of product development, testing, support and marketing.

With over 80 professionals working for Flytxt on a global level, Flytxt is indeed going places. Vasudevan says the company is in the process of entering into South Africa, a mature telecom market as such. The company already has a presence in London and Frankfurt, apart from the Indian operations at Mumbai, Delhi and Trivandrum.

Flytxt banks on third generation technology in its efforts aimed at enabling conversational mobile marketing. Dr Vasudevan elaborates: “We have adopted the third generation technology, a totally new concept compared with the first and second generation marketing technology tools. This is a technology platform that extracts certain unique capabilities of the mobile as a conversational marketing channel.” The third generation technology enables conversational marketing to the maximum level possible, where as the first generation was all about a mass audience with no filtering, while the second generation had to deal with a broader target base. With a global spread plan now on, Flytxt has its job cut out to be the prime player in an arena which has the telecom market booming.

Sanjeev Ramachandran


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