YMCA launches e-library


Tvm: YMCA is set to enter the cyberspace with an electronic journal portal to be functional from the New Year’s Day.


The new e-Journal portal will offer Members of the YMCA library and e-learning centre set up at the old British Library building, access to vast online resources. The library had tied up with Informatics, a Bangalore based company, for their bibliographical databases for speedy access to current issues and archives of e-journals, with options for abstracts and full texts of articles according to the publisher’s policy.


Briefing media, Mr. K V Thomas, President, YMCA said, “Our focus is on establishing a new age library, for a virtual experience. The e-J portal makes it possible for a subscriber to access online databases from anywhere. Around 30 per cent or more of the articles will be available free. The rest are paid articles.”  The portal will have a collection of 22,000 online journals on almost all subjects.


The library was working out an arrangement with the American Library, Chennai and the British Library for using their resources. It also has an e-learning programme to impart training in tapping Internet resources.


Mr. Ravishankar, Informatics India, said, “Our attempt is similar to what Google has done with books, quoting the example of the e-Book portal of Google. But what is different is that the search results of e-J portal are more authentic than those of Google, as anybody can post articles on Google. The e-mail addresses of the authors of the journals will also be available on the site.”

Memberships for the new facility will be issued to 300 persons on a first-come-first-served basis with a fee of Rs. 1,000 per head.


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