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Kochi: A new games portal with local Indian content is now live. Online Indian Games, also known as ‘OIG’, is a treat to every gamer especially for those who want to relieve their work or routine stress in a short span of time.

The games are set in 2 dimensional interfaces with smooth graphic effect so that it takes minimum effort to load the applications. The site offers a wide range of categories from adventure, puzzle, shooting to cards and puzzles.

Many games this portal were done by Csharks, a Kochi based IT company specialising in developing computer games and interactive products. Juwal Bose, Creative Director, Csharks told Kerala IT News, “We feel really honoured to be part of such venture. We have some very India specific games like Ramu in Jungle, Cycling Mathai and Aunts fighting.”

While a game named Antu’s Quest is all about collecting food from the track of walking elephants, it takes us to a childhood experience. Another one, ‘Aqua Rider’ is a simple water race in quest of points when the fuel is running in limited capacity. The game called Stuart’s Air Adventure is a small time aeroplane navigation exercise. It suits someone who wishes to fiddle with the keyboard’s Arrow keys. There is a special category for fun games here where plenty of easy riding games can be seen. It is a pick from various categories and should be instant hits to your tired nerves. One game named ‘Capture the Flag’ is set with a minimalist look and feel and has every chance to tide away your boredom.

The website now in its beta version falls short of expectation if you are hunting for high-end games. The add-on feature is that the games can be tied to your social networks such as Aero, Bebo, Facebook or Twitter and of course, to your blogs too! Summing up, the website offers the right mix of intelligence and fun to all geeks and naives in the world of games. And it can be a sure favourite to your browsers.

Gokul Alex
Kerala IT News


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