IBS plans online carbon credit trading platform


Tvm: Technopark based IBS is planning to launch an online carbon credit trading platform for the airline industry in the next fiscal.


Mr. V K Mathews, Chairman and CEO, IBS said this during an interactive session with the press after the launch of their Manpower Management Solution on January 14, 2010. “A lot of work has been done on this and it will be operational in the coming financial year. This would be an IT tool for airlines to find out how much emission their aircraft generate and with the European Commission all set to penalise polluting aircraft, those that have the least emission will be given carbon credits” The e-commerce platform will enable airlines to trade carbon offsets.


The European Union has begun working out a plan to control carbon emissions at all airports in the 27 member countries by 2012. The implementation of a European Union requirement would mean airlines will have to buy carbon credits to offset their emissions. Most flights touching down in Europe would be covered by a trading system for emissions of greenhouse gases and this will increase costs for air carriers.

The manpower management solution was the 18th product from IBS and the online trading platform will be their next offering. IBS offers integrated solutions for the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industry.


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