Maxartists sign MoU with Sagem Orga


Tvm: Technopark based Maxartists Technologies has signed a MoU with a German technology firm, Sagem Orga to offer ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) based solutions.

Maxartists Technologies is one of the pioneers in NFC Technology in the country while Sagem Orga GmbH is a global leader in the smart card industry. As per a release from the company, Maxartists’ comprehensive NFC ecosystem TESSA along with Sagem Orga secure elements forms a comprehensive secure NFC solution package. The system makes full use of the latest innovations in the field of NFC – a short range high frequency wireless communication technology which enables exchange of data between devices.

TESSA provides an environment in which NFC services and applications can be handled in a secure manner. This would enable Maxartists extend its already strong presence in domains like insurance, entertainment, banking and pharma industries, with fully secure and highly scalable mobile payment and authentication systems for insurance and banking sector to highly precise medical data compliancy checking systems. 

According to Mr. Roy Thomas, CEO, Maxartists, “The potential of this technology is such huge that, we could witness the present day widgets like credit cards, access control cards etc. being wiped out with NFC enabled mobile phones taking its place in the near future. The user just needs to tap his mobile phone at the point of sale to make the payments or to gain access.”

The TESSA along with mTESSA – an application developed by Maxartists to be installed in the mobile devices, for the purpose of installation of Credit cards, Debit cards, Loyalty cards etc in NFC Mobile phones, UICC SIM cards, NFC Stickers etc. will form a highly secure system for emulating Tickets, credit cards, loyalty cards and other secure services on these devices. Maxartists already have 1D/2D barcode solution in place, which enables paperless ticketing for events, movies and loyalty programs, now this feature is also made available within the TESSA & mTESSA platforms, which makes it omnibus,  Mr. Thomas added. Maxartists strong presence in Western Europe especially Germany and Netherlands has worked to its advantage in collaborating with technology majors in some of the most innovative and challenging technology implementations.


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