Whizzing past peers along the info highway


Wow! moment yet again for Kerala, by any standard. The trickling in of technology has been further endorsed by the numbers we have now been exposed to. Guess what? When it comes to broadband speed, Kerala is numero uno.

Once upon a time, it was literacy that gave the state reasons to feel elated. Then came the hundred per cent financial inclusion and stuff related with it, and then the Technolodges that logged on to an absolutely new tech space. E-governance and M-Governance continue to keep pace with each other. Pushing yet another limit, Kerala has managed to edge out every other state and is now boasting of high-speed internet connectivity. Kerala has some thing to be proud of, indeed.

From a worrisome third position in the trailing quarter of 2009, Kerala (with an average speed of 1,386 Kbps) has made a rush back to where its should be, by pushing Haryana (the second quarter’s topper) to the second spot (with 1,105 Kbps) and Karnataka to the third (1,041 kbps), according to the ‘State of the Internet’ report by Akamai Technologies for the October-December quarter. Uttar Pradesh was at fourth followed by Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The Kerala feat comes about as a pointer to the high growth potential for IT in this part of the world. The efforts taken by the state government for the growth of IT in Kerala have been reaping the desired results. More are to come. We have already logged on to e-governance and even m-governance platforms. Even the lay man on the street, or the ryot toiling in the farm yonder, would have IT at his mercy. Like it or not IT has started driving Kerala to new frontiers.  As Dr Ajay Kumar, Principal Secretary-IT, opines, “the Kerala Government and IT Department see technology as a complementing aid to enhancing governance. As such, technology will play a significant role in governance in Kerala”.
The advent of new technology companies vying with each other for space in the different parks across the state stand testimony to this. Kerala has always caught the global tech eye with claims of an awesomely laid out infrastructure. As the IT Kerala lists out, Kerala’s teledensity is double the national average. The state boasts of SEA-ME-WE 3 & SAFE cables at Kochi with two submarine OF cable landing. Significant is the fact that SAFE submarine OF dropping zone is only in Kochi in India. The Kochi gateway handles 70 per cent of India’s data traffic. Bandwidth support is 15 GBps, and is cost effective as well as fail-safe.

Achieving highest speed broadband comes as no wonder, considering the infrastructure Kerala has at the moment. With connectivity pushing new frontiers, ‘Godzone’ Kerala is on way to infotech stardom.

Sanjeev Ramachandran


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