Lost & found, thanks to Orkut


Tvm: It’s a typical lost and found story with all the ingredients of a Bollywood masala. College student goes missing 12 years back; many think he might be dead when his profile suddenly surfaces on a popular social networking site.

But surprisingly, no clues on Orkut – empty profile, no friends list or scarps. Kerala Cyber Police gets the only lead from Google – the account was opened from a browsing centre in Chennai. Investigators find the browsing centre out of business and closed – dead end again. Another lead – the email id used to open his account. Then starts the chase – Bond style – tracking the email id, tracking IP address to trace login location, locate the Internet café and then plainclothesmen outside the café – culprit finally caught, with the help of Chennai Police.

Meet Jimmy Koruth from Pandalam, a final year degree student at the Mar Ivanios College here when he disappeared in 1998. Investigations then reached a dead end and the case was closed. Cut to the present, Jimmy’s cousin saw this name on Orkut in January this year and fresh investigations started from there. Jimmy now works in a Chennai BPO.

According to Tomin Thachankery, IG, State Crime Records Bureau, this might be the first case in the country where a missing person was tracked down with Internet help. Girija Nathan Nair, SP (Cyber Cell), J Sukumara Pillai, Dy. SP, E S Biju Mon, CI and Ajith Mohan investigated the case.

Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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