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Kochi: Outsource Partners International, Inc. (OPI), a leading BPO present in Kochi, has announced growth plans for its India service centres. In the coming year, OPI will be hiring an additional 1,000 finance & accounting professionals at its Bangalore, Kochi, and Delhi locations.

According to a release from the company, OPI’s India-based employee count will exceed 4,000 with this planned expansion. OPI has its expertise in the field of finance, accounting, and analytics business processes outsourcing. OPI has 3,200 professionals operating in its offices throughout the US, Bulgaria, India, Malaysia, and the UK. To accommodate this growth, OPI has begun building-out three additional floors at its existing Bangalore and Kochi offices. The Kochi office is at the Leela Infopark. The new workspaces are scheduled to be completed by May 2010. 
Kishore Mirchandani, President & CEO (India), OPI commented, “The high-quality level and advanced skill-sets of our employees have proven to be key marketplace success factors in the delivery of high-end, complex finance and accounting services. We remain one of the few outsourcing providers where a majority of employees hold an advanced business or accounting degree, or are Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants, or the local equivalent. Even with our planned increase in hiring, we remain committed to upholding our strict recruiting practices which place a premium on talent and experience.”
Clarence T. Schmitz, Chairman and CEO, OPI noted “In addition to providing our employees with new, ever-challenging learning opportunities and career growth, this expansion affords OPI the ability to best service our increasing client base and further develop our offerings. While there has been a notable increase in the marketplace around new adoption of accounting outsourcing, we are also seeing a large uptick in the scale and scope of services outsourced. With the additional capacity in our global service centres, this growth will enable us to more quickly transition these larger deals.”

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