Trinfy plays key role in Infosys bagging Environmental Award


Trivandrum: Infosys has been named a 2013 Environmental Tracking (ET) Carbon Ranking Leader for its greenhouse gas emissions and disclosure practices. The setting up of a 125 kW solar photo voltaic plant at its Thiruvananthapuram campus (Trinfy) was one of the key carbon reduction projects.

As part of the selection process, the UK based Environmental Investment Organization, a climate change and finance think tank, assessed the carbon ranking of the 300 largest companies across the five BRICS countries, ranking Infosys in the top five companies.

Some of the other carbon reduction projects include:

  • Use of radiant cooling air conditioning in a commercial building – utilising a new technique that involves circulating water in embedded pipes to chill rooms and reduce energy use
  • Establishment of a 250 Kw solar plant on a campus in Jaipur
  • Creation of an innovative way to notify employees leaving a building that they have left their computer on, and a system for them to remotely switch it off using their phone
  • Rainwater harvesting in Mysore that reduced its fresh water consumption by 18 per cent in its first year, saving nearly 300 million litres of fresh water

S Gopalakrishnan, Founder & Executive Co-Chair, Infosys said, “Sustainability has been one of the core values at Infosys for several years. We continuously strive to bring creative solutions to reduce our carbon emissions. As well as the environmental and cost benefits, a focus on environmental innovation has created a new business opportunity for us. We are now looking for ways to bring this expertise to the benefit of our clients, providing sustainability services to clients across the world.”

Sam Gill, CEO, Environmental Investment Organisation said, “I am delighted to be able to present the 2013 ET Carbon Ranking Leader Award to Infosys on behalf of the Environmental Investment Organisation. Whilst effective greenhouse gas emissions reporting is certainly not an easy task for any company it is excellent to see certain companies demonstrating that it can be done and to an ever increasingly higher standard. In light of 62% of companies in the ET Global 800 reporting incomplete data or no data at all, any company ranking within the top ten in their respective region should be viewed as a pioneering leader, constantly raising the bar for others around them”.

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