IT@School FOSS ICT Resource DVD for High School teachers


Tvm: All the High School teachers in Kerala would be provided with FOSS based ICT Resource DVDs, prepared by IT@School Project, as part of implementing a complete ICT enabled educational system in the State. The Resource DVD package would consist of separate DVDs for IT@School Edu-Ubuntu and other ICT Resource contents.

The Resource DVD is designed in such a way that it would benefit not only the teachers who handles ICT, but other subject teachers also who could make use of the scope of ICT enabled teaching in their respective subjects. The Resource DVD is packed with several educational contents such as IT@School Edu-Ubuntu 10.04 Operating System, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Database applications, DTP, Graphics and Imaging software, Sound recording, Video editing and Animation packages and many more. The proprietary version of these software would have incurred a minimum cost of Rs.30,000/- in terms of License Fee.

The second DVD in the package comprises of a vast collection of software and modules required for educational activities. The contents of this DVD include Geogebra, PhET, Odacity, OpenShot, Periodic table, Kalcium etc and also a bunch of colage pictures which helps learning the ICT textbook etc. Apart from this, the DVD also contains Open Office templates, Audio-Video files of various formats, E-Textbooks, Teacher’s handbook, Training modules etc. Both the DVDs are designed for easy installation by the user.

In a release, K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, IT@School Project said, “The fact that we are releasing these DVDs under the Free Software license enables not simply teachers and students but also the general public an opportunity to copy, distribute and share the contents in the DVD and use it as they wish”.

The Resource DVD would be provided free to the 9th Standard teachers during their ICT training sessions. A total of 31,740 teachers from 2,670 High Schools of the State have already registered online for the training programme. As many as 6,800 teachers have been trained so far in as many as 260 training centres in the State. The new ICT textbook in Standard 9 is designed in such a way to help the students learn Sound recording, Video Editing and Animation processes easily using free software based applications, which otherwise is supposed to be a complicated task for students.

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