US College students visit Technopark on study tour


Tvm: A group of Under Graduate students at the Cleveland State University (CSU) in Ohio from the United States visited Technopark Trivandrum yesterday as part of their India Study programme. The 12 member team led by Dr. Murali D Nair who is the Director of the School of Social Work at CSU got an exposure of the Indian IT industry with particular reference to the IT companies in Kerala.

In a session held at the Park Centre, Mervin Alexander, CEO, Technopark interacted with them on the development of the IT industry in Kerala. The Corporate Social Responsibility team from UST Global of Ms. Kavitha Pillai and Ms. Manjula Arun made a presentation about the various initiatives they have been taking in the area of CSR and women empowerment. The CSU team also visited the various facilities of Technopark guided by the Technopark Officials.

Dr. Murali, who has his roots in Kerala, said, “The main purpose of this visit is to help the students to understand our country while learning about the social issues here. Through this tour, which is a part of their subject titled ‘Indian experience: contemporary social issues in India for undergraduate programme in social work’, my students will have to explore in detail selected social welfare, economic and cultural issues prevalent in India with special emphasis given to south-western State of Kerala in India”.
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