Technopark responds to food audit, says nothing serious in report


Tvm: Its four days since the audit report of restaurants, food outlets and joints in the Technopark campus in Trivandrum was published on this portal and while we are yet to get an official response from Technopark; Mervin Alexander, the CEO, has been quoted in the newspapers saying that these audits are done yearly as part of Technopark’s ISO certification process and this time, it was done by Infosys. The Technopark authorities are also reported to have said that there is nothing new in this report with any serious issues being raised.

A New Indian Express report on Saturday quotes the Technopark CEO commenting that “People are circulating false reports on the working of food outlets in Technopark”. By denying this report, Technopark is questioning the integrity of Infosys which did a meticulous job of auditing the food outlets and came out with a comprehensive report, for an audit commissioned by Technopark itself. The Infosys team had spent a day visiting the kitchens. Meanwhile, we have learnt that Technopark has asked for an explanation from Infosys on how Kerala IT News got this ‘confidential’ audit report.

The comments on our news article speak for itself the anguish and anger of the 30,000 odd people working in the Technopark Trivandrum. Meanwhile, the Technopark Today website has put up a collection of complaints and photos regarding these issues. We have got some responses from the various stake holders in this issue.

Talking to Kerala IT News, Anil Kumar B K, Director – Real Estate & Facilities Management, UST Global said, “Even though the choice of food available in Technopark and its quality has increased in the recent past, hygiene and sanitation at these places remains a big concern as it has taken a back seat. We are worried that there is no mechanism to monitor this. But I appreciate the efforts taken by Technopark to bring more food outlets”. Anil has been part of previous audit teams and he shared his own experiences of food being served on wet and dirty plates. Incidentally, UST Global is the largest employer in Technopark with close to 4,000 professionals.

Most companies and organisations that we spoke to are of the opinion that this audit report is damaging as comes at a time when IT majors like Capgemeni, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, NIIT and ITC Infotech are firming up their plans to start centres in Thiruvananthapuram. Instead of questioning the authenticity of the audit report, Technopark should put its house in order first. Surprisingly, GTech, which normally comments on all developments in Technopark, has maintained silence on this issue.

Note: We had only published the one part of the report. The other part mainly deals with safety issues and non-compliance of safety norms by the restaurants and food joints. According to the report, a major tragedy is waiting to unfold unless drastic measures are taken to implement safe practices in these places. 

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