IT@School to empower differentially abled students with ICT skills


Tvm: In order to realize the dream of the ‘Digital Inclusion’ programme in Kerala by empowering all students in the State in ICT, the IT@School project has planned to introduce specific ICT training programme for students who require special attention. As the first step, the training module for teachers has been developed and it is to be noted that this training programme is being developed entirely using the Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) based application, GCompris.

The IT@School project has been empowering the teaching and learning populace of the State with ICT skills through its various as part of ICT enabled education. The project has successfully imparted ICT training to all visually challenged teachers in the State using the free software – ORCA and this achievement has fetched special appreciation from Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India.

IT@School has customised the free software based application GCompris exclusively for this programme for differentially abled students, by which a total of 119 activities are incorporated under 8 sections. Using this software, it is possible to provide specific topics relating to physical and psychological conditions of individual students. The module comprises of various educational activities enabling the student to learn by seeing, hearing, touching and reading. Students with differential capabilities would be able to learn ICT through this software irrespective of their physical limitations.
K Anvar Sadath, Executive Director, IT@School said, “Students with differential capabilities should also be provided with the latest ICT skills so that they could overcome their limitations to a large extent. Through this training using the customized software, differential capabilities found in students such as lack of memory, attention loss, lack of hand-eye co-ordination etc could be overcome significantly, enabling those students to learn and develop much better. The software GCompris has been packed with activities infusing reading, numericals, colours, etc along with different games to help students with hearing impaired, visually challenged, orthopaedically handicapped, etc”.

The learning process has been designed in such a way to facilitate psychological growth for students playing different games. The narrations and letters have been made available in Malayalam. The module which encourages reading, calculations, puzzles, creation of maps etc would be made use of in training the teachers from schools with the differentially abled students. The Project would also extend these resources to MHRD so that similar students of other States could also be benefited. The innovative module of this training programme has been developed by the Malappuram team of IT@School Project.

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