Akshaya Director refutes allegations of mismanagement


Tvm: Korath V Mathew, Director of Akshaya, has refuted allegations levelled by the office bearers of the Association of IT Employees (AITE) against him and Akshaya. In a letter from the Akshaya State Project Office, Korath has said that the allegations against Akshaya and its Director happens to be completely false and the media reports were based on the misguided statements given by AITE during their press conference. AITE had last week demanded a vigilance inquiry against the Akshaya Director alleging corrupt and unethical practices in the project. They had also held a dharna in front of the State Office in Thiruvananthapuram.

Responding to some of the allegations by AITE, the statement from the Director clarifies that Akshaya has not developed any software or spend any money for the development of software or given any work to private companies. This has been either done by Comprehensive Health Insurance Agency of Kerala (CHIAK) or United India Insurance or Third Party Administrators who were entrusted to do the enrolment and renewal of RSBY health cards. Akshaya has only facilitated their work as Common Service Centres.

Akshaya entrepreneurs are not asked to remit money directly in TPA accounts. All financial transactions through Akshaya are online. Cash transactions are not encouraged. Akshaya only monitors and accounts the transactions. Similar method is followed in case of Kerala Non-Resident Keralites (KNRK) Welfare Fund collection. Direct online transactions through banks are in order.

The Director does not have any role in the allotment or cancellation of the centres. No Akshaya centres are stopped unilaterally. Activation and de-activation of Akshaya Centres are done at the District level by the Collector on recommendation of LSGs and Akshaya District Office. Most of the time deactivation happens due to complains from citizens against a Centre or if it’s found that centres are not following the rules and regulations set by the Akshaya State Project Office.

Talking to Kerala IT News, Korath said, “Akshaya centres are run by entrepreneurs who are self employed and in most cases they don’t have any employees. So there is no question of any Akshaya entrepreneur being part of this Association of IT Employees. These allegations are done with a view to malign the good work being done by Akshaya and also to derail the project by some disgruntled youths who could not get an Akshaya Centre during the allocation. Most Akshaya entrepreneurs have expressed their faith and goodwill.”

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