Sabarimala online Q-Coupon system instant hit with pilgrims


Tvm: The online advance queue booking system for Sabarimala pilgrims launched by Kerala Police, which was opened to the pilgrims from November 16, has seen over 1,30,000 devotees registering for the Q-Coupon in just one week. According to the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) of Kerala Police which maintains the site, some 21,000 bookings took place on the first day itself. The Kerala Police @ Sabarimala website, hosted at the State Data Centre, has got over 4 lakh hits during this period.

What is remarkable is that the online booking system has been designed and developed in-house by Constables with the Kerala Police and not by seasoned IT professionals. The credit for the system goes to Mukesh assisted by Dili and Pramod from the Police Computer Centre at the SCRB who did the work completely using free and open source software (FOSS) in a Linux environment in about three weeks time using available resources without spending an extra penny. The required hardware was provided by Kerala State IT Mission.

The system is on a trial run during this season of Sabarimala pilgrimage and had some teething issues which have been sorted out now. The SDC has offered new servers in the coming days to balance the bandwidth and load during the peak time. At present about 1,500 people can simultaneously use the facility. It is advisable to use Firefox or Chrome as there are some bugs while using IE. To enable easy upload of photos, it is better to use Paint to crop and save the image as jpg.

Officials at SCRB say that as of now most of the registrations for online bookings are being done by pilgrims outside Kerala. For those who don’t have internet facility at home, the online booking registration can be done at Akshaya centres across Kerala who will charge a nominal amount for printing the Q-Coupon.

News update:

As on December 01, 2011, about 4.5 lakh pilgrims have registered for the Q-Coupon. The highest number of 42,578 registrations on a single day was on November 29.

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