AirLive introduces intelligent video surveillance recording software


Taiwan: AirLive, a leading worldwide brand for networking and communication equipment, has introduced an intelligent video surveillance recording software, AirLive CamPro professional, designed to meet most demands for professional video surveillance installations. The Professional version greatly enhances the video analysis functions that can be applied to diverse surveillance scenarios.

According to a release, AirLive’s CamPro professional provides intelligent video analytics which employs algorithms and vector partitioning to detect unexpected movement or unusual behaviour that may pose a threat to people, property and infrastructure. The software filters and interprets data captured by existing IP and CCTV cameras in circumstances where a human observer would struggle to assess developments as they arise. The analysis can be performed in real-time or retrospectively in playback for evidential purposes. CamPro Professional is bundled with CMS software, which supports not only AirLive IP camera, but also IP cameras in the market.
The AirLive CamPro Professional is especially useful in applications where there is potential for vandalism. The tampering detection function which provide alarm functionality enables security staff to detect disrupted IP camera operation by automatically alerting the operator when a camera is manipulated in any way. If the intruder tries to move the IP camera to the other side, the software will recognize the attack and send out the alarm on the screen or via digital output devices. CMS software can support both CamPro Professional and network video recorder (NVR). It adds scalability to the existing NVR and also provides advance functions such as multi-monitor display, E-Map Monitor and intelligent video analytics.

The AirLive CamPro Professional offers a number of intelligent video applications that support security operators in their daily work by solving real-world video surveillance challenges like, the object loss detection, foreign object detection, tripwire detection, object counting, face detection and image enhancement function.

With nearly twenty-year networking expertise, AirLive provides high performance equipments to Government, Banking Telco / ISP / WISP, Education, Hotel and System Integrators (SI) worldwide.

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