Matrix introduces data solutions on smartphones for overseas travel


New Delhi: Matrix Cellular, a leading service provider of international telecommunication services, has introduced new services to its bouquet of international telecommunication solutions, addressing the innate need of people to stay connected at all times. Now all Indians travelling abroad can use their data services along with voice calls with a Matrix SIM card on their Smartphones at one-tenth the cost of International Roaming.

The new service allows travellers to be constantly accessible on mail, talk on phone and surf the internet at the same time, schedule and coordinate appointments in the middle of meetings, raise approval request, log in orders, update business databases and stay connected to colleagues, friends and family through Facebook and Messenger Services – from anywhere, anytime without worrying about inflated bills.

In a release, Gagan Dugal, Managing Director, Matrix said, “In an increasingly connected world, it’s no longer just about being able to talk and text. Our business model allows people to share images and videos as soon as they are captured; to share thoughts and feelings as soon as they are created even when they are far away from home. We have always believed in innovating new products and services to suit the market needs and in the coming years, we look forward to Matrix being synonymous with international travel”.
Using data services on Smartphone while on International Roaming can be a costly ordeal. Unknown to many, reading emails, browsing through websites or even using your BBM while travelling on International Roaming can be expensive. Charges are levied per MB and at an average cost of Rs.750 per MB and one may spend Rs.1,500 just by checking one email. Every status update on Facebook can be charged up to Rs.52 and using BBM can cost up to Rs.3,000 per day on International Data Roaming.

Matrix Cellular (International) Services provides International SIM cards for business travellers, leisure travellers and students in both post-paid and prepaid model for Indians travelling abroad. Matrix provides services all around the world and has its offices across India.

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